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Definition, ownership and registration of the ship in Qatari law

In the Qatari Maritime Law No. 15 of 1980, the Qatari legislator defined the ship as every navigable facility that normally operates in maritime navigation, or prepared to do so even if it is not profitable, and considered the other necessary equipment and accessories of the ship for its investment as a part of it. We understand  from the advanced legislative definition that the description of the ship is not limited to the ship’s hull or structure only, but extends to include all of its equipment and accessories that's necessary for its navigation and exploitation by sea, such as machines and...

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Overview of Act Shura elections

On 29-07-2021, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar, issued Act No. (6) of (2021) issuing the Shura Council Elections Law; This came considering the legislative renaissance witnessed by the State of Qatar. The law was issued simultaneously with the issuance of laws and the formation of other committees related to the Qatari Shura Council and its elections. Including Shura Council Act No. (7) of (2021); This was preceded by the formation of supervisory and executive committees concerned with the Shura Council elections. This Act was not the first in Qatar; It was preceded by legislation Act No....

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Conciliation as an alternative solution of dispute resolution

The principle is that resorting to the judiciary is a right established for all members of society, as it is the natural way to demand rights and resolve all disputes that arise between parties, which is to compel persons (natural or legal) to appear before the court by order of its judge, and when the judgment is issued; enforcement comes by the public authorities forcibly when necessary, because the judiciary is one of the manifestations of state sovereignty, so it is the owner of the inherent right to adjudicate in all cases presented to it without discrimination, but when resorting...

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Economic risks of money laundering crime

There are many dangers that threaten countries because of professional criminals’ approach to the crime of money laundering in many ways and various methods, affecting all sectors of society, but the most dangerous of them is the harmful economic risks that affects the national economy. So, the risks and economic damages of the money laundering crime are summarized in the following cases: /1/ The depletion of the national economy: The transfer of money outside the country with the intention of laundering it in other countries leads to depriving the country of the funds and balances that feed the national economy, which prevents...

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Theory of unforeseen circumstances Conditions and Insurance Companies’ Contractual Liability to Insured against Sickness.

There is a question that many people, insured against illness, too asked about the contractual liability of insurance companies; Especially in the light of the new Corona pandemic outbreak; about the extent to which the rules of the theory of unforeseen circumstances apply to such contracts. The Civil Code No. 22 of 2004 defines insurance as a contract under which the insurer is obliged to pay to the insured, or to the beneficiary for whose benefit the insurance required an amount of money, salary income, or other financial compensation, with the occurrence of the risks set forth in the contract when...

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Qatari legislation protects the Arabic language

Qatar is an Arab State, so the authority has paid close attention to legislation protecting the Arabic language; Article 1 of the Permanent Constitution of the State provides for the Arabic of the State of Qatar, the official language of which is Arabic; Article 68 of the Code of Civil and Commercial Procedure also stipulates that (the language of the courts is Arabic. The court may, however, hear the statements of opponents or witnesses who do not know this language by means of an interpreter swearing-in prior to the performance of his or her mission, by making a proper and...

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Overview of import and export milestones and importer rights

Import and export are among the most important factors contributing to the growth of the economy and the development of States; They are crucial in the progress and development of development at the public and private levels. The Qatari Customs Code, for reasons of such exclusive importance, devotes sections to the import and export provisions; Starting with their definition and the legal forms in which recovery and export are carried out and other regulatory provisions. Import and export operations are carried out by road, sea, or air through the maritime ports and ports in the State of Qatar for the import and...

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How do you protect yourself from impersonation crimes?

Impersonation phenomenon has recently spread, where a person impersonates another person, whether through social media or in fact, as such crime has become more prevalent in our recent time through the information network of the Internet, such as if an ordinary person arrests a person driving a car and tells him that he is a traffic officer and asks him for identification papers such as (License - Car Registration Form). Moreover, as an example of impersonation through social media is that a person impersonates another person and takes his data and puts his picture on the Instagram or Snapchat sites...

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“International Criminal Court (ICC) The Situation of Palestine”

The International Criminal Court began operations on 1 July 2002. It is an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal. The Court is participating in a global fight to end impunity. Governed by an international treaty called the Rome Statute, the ICC is the world’s first permanent international criminal court. The International Criminal Court does not aim to replace national criminal courts, but rather to complement them, it works to achieve peace, stability, and justice throughout the world, complementing the role of national courts within the territories of any state, and its scope is not limited to a specific place, but rather is...

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Long Awaited Law.. Freelance Contract

Human life has been continuously developing and growing, in line with the necessity of modernity whenever it needs to solve a problem or find an easier way to save money and effort. Especially in our modern era; Where the speed of communications and transactions; Giving the priority to the electronic aspect based on the Internet in dealing with the direct personal aspect; This has contributed greatly to the decline of what people are familiar with in the affairs of their lives gradually from the traditional that does not serve interests compared to the unbridled development that the whole world is...

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